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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anger Galore at William Peter Boulevard: Is the Super 8 out to assassinate Kenny?

 I watched snippets of the “Super 8” meeting on the William Peter Boulevard last Thursday - and I have to say that I have never during my lifetime seen a greater demonstration of anger on a political platform. The anger  - which was to say the least frightening - was especially pronounced among the “Super 8 Trio” of the Pitbull, the Poodle and Tucker, the criminal. After viewing those snippets, I have to ask, “What is happening to my country and where is it headed with this angry gang of “criminals” sitting in as government?” Is that anger also part of the Taiwanese legacy shown in their parliament?

If anger is a form of violence, then St. Lucia be prepared for a plague of violence on the nation during the election campaign.  

But why should the Super 8 politicians have so much anger in them? After all, they are in government, not in opposition! When Doddy says that there is no room for good boys in politics, is he confessing about the philosophy of the Super 8? And perhaps the most important question is: Is Kenny next on the hit list of the Super 8 bad boys?

There may be several reasons for the "platform of anger" mounted by the Super 8; but we will just consider a few. First of all, it is clear that the Super 8 is a “gang of Kenny Haters” who has tried every trick in book to destroy him, including an orchestrated call from their media sycophants for his removal. Yet Kenny grows stronger and stronger and more and more threatening to them everyday! So, I can understand those "guys" losing endless nights of sleep over Kenny. 

Using their same angry propaganda machinery, they have attempted to demonize Kenny ad nauseum; but they have also failed miserably every time!  They have gone as far as to hide behind parliamentary privileges to slander Kenny; but that also failed.

They probably collectively believe that unleashing violence from the platform might be a master strategy to incite “seditious agitation” against the Kenny; and in that regard one of the goals of their violent Rush Limbeau-type speeches may well be to stir anti-Kenny elements to mutiny and cause them to attempt to assassinate Dr Anthony. That may well be the primary goal of the Super 8.

Another reason for the violence may be related to public opinion polls – poll after poll has pointed to a landslide victory for the SLP. What's even worse is they can’t even find a suitable candidate to run against Kenny. The front runner who is a friend and consultant to the Poodle has been categorically rejected by the Flambeau hierarchy for reasons I don’t know!

Undoubtedly, the Super-8 is not a political party – its members have entrenched themselves deep into the bosom of the UWP and they have hijacked it. They are hiding behind the symbol of the Party that Sir John founded - the very Sir John they hated and brought about his demise. They are also a group of Kenny haters who would go to any length to destroy him – just as they destroyed Sir John.

We expect to get more of the same anger at the launching of Gale Rigobert today. But as somebody wrote on the Voice this weekend: Is this want we want? Is a "platform of venom" what we deserve when the country is bleeding from the effects of poverty and hopelessness? Is anger the “Super 8” paradigm for development? Dr Rigobert should be ashamed to be among these proven gangsters. They don’t like academics. Just wait and see!

1 comment:

  1. Ciceron Choiseulian voting for LorneJune 12, 2011 at 11:47 PM

    Extremely worried too. Why should Doddy glorify these criminals? He should arrange to have them arrested; not protected. Doddy as AG is bringing St. Lucia into disrepute. By giving the impression that his first order of business is to protect Richard, Guy and Tucker, he has given St. Lucia a very bad image. Doddy should resign and save us some embarrassment.