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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Choiseul, you just can’t touch a Theophilus!

The Flambeau’s desperation has moved into high gear. First, it was Kenny, then Dr Robert Lewis (the good boy) and now they seemed to be turning their guns on Lorne and firing blank shots. But have no fear, Lorne’s campaign team is well oiled and ready for them. We hope they can match us!

We are aware that Tucker needs backup and support; and not even that will do. The angry bloodthirsty venom-spitting mob of the Poodle and Pitbull will not suffice.  It will be iron for iron and they will lose badly in the end.

If they didn’t know, let me apprise them that Lorne is a Choiseulian born in Castries. His father – the managing Director of FICS is 100% native born. He was raised - and also taught multitudes of young men - in the district. Lorne’s Mum – former Dean of Teacher Education at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College –  hails from Dugard in Choiseul. She was also a teacher and the principal of the Choiseul Girls’ School for a number of years. Like her husband, she taught all Choiseul.  

Not only are the “Theophilus contributions” to Choiseul unmatched, but equally their roots are far and wide - and perhaps unmatched too! They were among the early pioneers of the generation that helped to shape Choiseul and made it what it is today – fact!.

Like most Choiseulians did  - and continue to do - both of them moved to greener pastures in Castries and both made Choiseul proud.  In fact, both made significant contributions not just to St. Lucia, but to the Caribbean at large! Mrs Theophilus was part of the "paradigm-shift" that brought St. Lucia to excellence in education and made us the envy of education in the Caribbean.

Whilst Mrs Lusca Theophilus-Cox she was making her unrivaled contribution to education, her husband, Mr George Theophilus was doing the same in banking and finance to the Caribbean, serving as deputy managing director of the ECCB. Even this lofty position did not separate him from his roots in Choiseul. He was always available to make his contribution to us, especially to the Choiseul Union. Today, we in Choiseul Village consider those to be phenomenal achievements and we are proud of the Theophilus’ for them.

This is the tradition that Lorne is coming from. Choiseulians selected him to be our district Rep and there is no doubt we will elect him resoundingly. Lorne himself is a formula for success.

We heard and saw the “Chastenet Poodle” barking at the Theophilus’ legacy on behalf of Tucker, who is a total stranger to the Constituency. He has no property, no roots and he does not even have a domicile there.We do not even no who is family is?

We therefore ask anybody to give us a good reason why Tucker should be our district rep? Choiseul is too small and too poor for Tucker to live; and yet, in the Poodle’s quest to score cheap points for Tucker, he has the audacity to attack the noble Theophilus lineage in Choiseul. The poodle has not built a single road of significance in Choiseul. At the moment, the Saltibus, and Fiette road network is in crumbles and all he does is to join hands with Tucker to bluff us.

Let me inform the angry "Poodle", the "Pitbull" and Tucker that no one can touch a Theophilus in Choiseul or anywhere; but – in any case, if the wish - let them dare try!

And don't forget, we are good at returning favours! 


  1. Can you imagine a dishonorable politician like Richard hosting a TalkShow "CAN I HELP YOU?" and he needs so much help himself. Doesn't he know that he can't defame a citizen even with a poster.

    In any case, can a Minister of Government be so unstable and be allowed to remain in government? The campaign eh even start yet and he has broken down so much.

    I know Dr Anthony has him under pressure and he can't deal with it. He reminds me of Jim Jones. I hope he survives this campaign and does not commit suicide

  2. Have you heard the latest? The speaker had to adjourn the sitting of the House on Tuesday to Thursday. Do you know why? King did not have a quorum. Rufus was one of the notable absentees. Rumours are rife that he is Haiti. What is Rufus doing in Haiti? Some people say, he is under the weather. The Killer disease is taking a heavy toll on him. By the way, where is his newly appointed campaign manager? I pray that all is well with him.

  3. Rufus might be in Haiti because of cold feet and out of desperation prior to a General Election. Compton did it so it's nothing new; they don't take heed to God's wrath on evil Haiti. Remember his new campaign Manager will do anything to "look rich". I recall him driving his land-rover around Choiseul village speaking on a dummy cell phone just to look good - laughable. I hope he can take some time in his busy campaign to reminisce on that time he got locked up on drug charges out of St. Lucia and a "Labour right" had to fly out to save his a--.

    I have continually asked about Rufus' boyhood days. I mean apart from Rufus' days at St. Mary's it is passing strange that the man has no one individual that can say the following: I played with Rufus, we stole the neighbor's mangoes together, we sat on the block together or we fought with each other. I mean these are the lines used by boys/young men who grew up together. Where did this man come from? Where did he grow up? Was he abused or deprived of social networking in his youth? Did he spend that time of his life in Castries or Choiseul or Boys training center. I mean I don't know. The man is promiscuous, temperate, insensitive, and insults people thinking that everyone has a price. He is a true dictator and is at war with good ethics and good moral values.

    I hope Choiseulians can realize that the man NEVER brings his wife or children to Choiseul. Is it that Choiseul is too poor/low (remember they live in a Condor) for them or is he afraid of them finding out how low he goes for the votes? Do they know about his other children and the caliber of people that he goes to bed with?

    Rufus who are you?

  4. I must commend the managing editor on this piece of writing. Good synopsis. "You can't touch a Theophilus in Choiseul." It is evident that Rufus can see his end is near and sad to say he uses some of our senseless Choiseulians to buy votes. However, I believe that education is key and Lorne has been using this modus operandi. The electorate will definitely act judiciously on election day and vote a son of the soil, a man with vision, competence and intelligence and get rid of this trickster once and for all.