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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We can argue that there are "two paths" to electoral success; the easy path is bribery and bluff and the difficult path is enlightenment and education. We will refer to the easy path as Path A; and the the difficult path as Path Z. 

Naturally, the desperate, unethical politician will invariably choose path A; but the statesman who has a genuine interest in his people and who values and respects them will choose path Z. 

Tucker uses path A; and Lorne uses Path Z.

Path Z is pursued under the popular "banner", LIME WITH LORNE which is fast becoming a buzzword in the campaign. While "LIME WITH LORNE" has many dimensions, it invariably follows one path: enlightenment/education.

Path Z: Roadside Lime with the youth

Path Z: Lorne visiting friends

Path Z: Socialising with supporters and friends
 Despite the persistent rain, cricket lovers turned out in numbers on the Balca Playing Field to enjoy a women's match between Piaye and Balca at the Balca playing field. It was a keenly contested match; but in the end the home team triumphed. Lorne was there to support both teams.

The Tet Morne Women's Cricket Team

The Balca Women's Cricket Team

Monica enjoys herself after the Match

More Fun after the Match

Path Z: Lorne toured the Choiseul Fisheries over the weekend
The Choiseul Fisheries Complex is a major concern to Lorne. Being a villager himself, he is worried about the recurring siltation problem at the facility and the way it is managed. Lately, alternative docking/landing arrangements - which involved much sacrifice - had to be made by the fishermen to secure the boats.

Fixing this problem will be one of the top priorities of Lorne; and while it is a problem, it also presents an opportunity for the re-development of the Port.

Path A: The Fiette Road project
Fiette is one of the "historically richest" communities in Choiseul/Saltibus and has immense potential for tourism; but it has been abandoned by this Government. Under the last Administration, the Fiette Road was due for rehabilitation under Phase 2 of the "Tertiary Roads Rehabilitation Project" (or TRRP), where funding would be provided by the AFD.

Today the road is in a deplorable condition and no budgetary provision was made for it.

In an attempt to bluff the community, the District rep requested that a "grader" from the Ministry of Works be put on the road for 4 days. 

Roblot's Community Centre completely dilapidated
Despite all the "hullabaloo" about Debreuil, Roblot and La Maz, the community faces major socio-economic challenges which remain unresolved. Apparently, Tucker's Ti Canal model has failed the community, benefiting just the "honchos" while the majority has to hustle to make ends meet. We are also very concerned about the unethical type of "role-modeling" designed to hoodwink the youth and practiced by some of Tucker's community leaders. Luckily, the Roblot/La Maz/Debreuil youth are smart, sharp and cannot be easily hoodwinked by bad examples of community leaders!

While the Tucker "honchos" has chosen Path A, the Roblot Youth has chosen Path Z!

1 comment:

  1. Did you see the bags of fertilizer hidden inside Gilo's Rumshop? What is he doing with fertilizer when he is not a farmer?

    He looked scared to death when he saw Lorne's powerful team right on his doorstep. He was helpless.

    How come he does not believe in polls but is saying that Rufus has 5% lead in Roblot. He should look at the larger picture where all polls predict that Lorne will trounce Tucker by double-digits.

    since when is Gilo a pollster?

    Rufus can run; but he can't hide!