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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Tonight, I listened to the PM’s address to the nation and it was nothing short of genius, both in terms of its content and crafting!

Dr Anthony announced that the Gov’t and people of St. Lucia will continue to maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, while simultaneously exploring new diplomatic initiatives with China. In that regard, a high-profile "triumvirate" team which includes SLP’s second  deputy leader and General Secretary are on their way to China to hopefully "bring the bacon" home.

In the context of the constitutional and financial transgressions committed by the former Ambassador (His Excellency Tom Chou), the PM took time in his speech tonight to set clear guidelines for the continuation of diplomatic relations with Taiwan. He made it clear that these atrocities should never happen to us again!

He went further to indicate that a forensic audit into the management and disbursement of Taiwanese funds to UWP Ministers (and candidates) is well on its way.

It is common knowledge that erstwhile UWP ministers had millions of dollars available to them, compliments Ambassador Chou; however, it is not exactly clear how those funds were applied or their exact amounts, since there were no “transparent” mechanisms for accountability.

It is believed that a former representative for Choiseul/Saltibus procured a condo and yacht valued millions of dollars. It is also believed that the source of funds for those projects is likely to be the same Taiwanese funds!

Meanwhile, the PM also took the opportunity to announce that the forensic audit on the financial operations of the constituency councils (formerly village, town and city councils) is now complete.

Kenny has employed a diplomatic calculus which has all the hallmarks of creative diplomatic genius. If in the end he succeeds, then it can only redound to the benefit of the people of St. Lucia. Also, he may well be blazing an unprecedented diplomatic trail for "others" to follow. In the context of the China-Taiwan rapprochement, I daresay it may be possible for US to break ground!

Kenny's attempt to clean the Augean stables left behind by the last government and the former Taiwanese Ambassador must also be applauded.

Keep up the good work, Chief!

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