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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


St. Lucia is currently going through a bad batch and all patriotic citizens should be concerned. It’s looking really bad and . . . it’s all bad news! Homicides, suicides and tragic accidents! Imagine, fingers are even being pointed at the media fraternity - the entity entrusted with the responsibility to bring the news to us! What is wrong with us and where are we headed?

The untimely death of Crystal St. Omer is perhaps at the top of the list for obvious reasons: here we have the life of a young and promising student (who it is reported excelled at her O’levels) being taken away from her prematurely.

Shakespeare wrote, “The evil that men do lives after them; but the good is often interred in their bones”. Crystal was laid to rest today and her quintessential goodness may be interred in her bones; but she will leave behind no evil, except perhaps  the culprit who deprived her of the sacred gift of life.

The words of Jamaican Singer Jose Wales (in his song Chant, Chant, Chant) are most instructive: “A crime is never wicked until it reach your doorstep”.

While I’m still ambivalent about the death penalty, I’m also of the firm belief that - in this specific case - the prayers of Crystal herself (and her family of mourners) may well be answered by its implementation. Quite apart from the implementation of strong and effective psychosocial programmes for those with deviant behaviours rooted in personality aberrations, we also need to declare war on the criminals; we need to send the strongest possible signals to them irrespective of race, creed, colour or class! The state needs to make examples of the “minority” bad boys who terrorize the majority of good citizens!

Interestingly, the wife of PC Lucan Lesmond was being charged for the death of her husband on the same day that Crystal was being laid to rest. The autopsy revealed that PC Lesmond died from hemorrhagic shock as a result of a gunshot to the brain.

In addition to the homicides, we recorded two reported suicides (from VFort and Choiseul) and a fatal motor vehicle accident in the Pierrot area. It is reported that the vehicle which was being driven by a gentlemen from Choiseul careened down a precipice as a result of medical condition he suffered while he was driving. The police are investigating.

The bad news continue unabated with a report on the HTS Wednesday Evening newscast that a media personality was being questioned by the police over the possible connection of his/her spouse in one of the five homicides which happened over the last ten days.

We wish to call on all who have information leading to the arrest of persons who may have been involved in the commission of those homicides to come forward and share it with the police. Let’s be good citizens and let us not harbor criminals. Crime does not pay! Lets us help the police wipe them out from our midst.

Meanwhile, it was encouraging to hear the Minister for Legal Affairs express an intention to go into the gated communities and ferret out the “masterminds” behind some of the drug-related shootings. Bravo, Minister La Corbiniere! What are you waiting for?

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