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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Will WI prove the statistical pundits wrong today?

When many of us were beginning to give the West Indies a measure of legitimacy in T20 cricket, the team has inexplicably slumped in the ICC rankings to number 8, ahead of only Bangladesh, Ireland and Zimbabwe.

At the top of the Table is South Africa, followed by England at no 2, India at no 3, Sri Lanka at no 4, Pakistan at no 5, New Zealand at no 6 and Australia at no 7.

Despite the overall improvements shown in the recent series played, WI have "statistically" fared no better in Test and ODI Championships, stuck at position 7 in those versions of the game.
Is it that we are not improving - qualitatively and quantitatively - fast enough? Is it that whatever improvements we make are being overshadowed and surpassed by our rivals?

Later today, West Indies (ranked no 8) will play the no 2 ranked team in T20 cricket in a Super 8 clash. Indeed, we have strong batting lineup – perhaps the strongest - on paper; but will we deliver?   

The matter is made more complex by our erratic bowling, notwithstanding the presence of our mystery spinner who incidentally does not have an enviable record against England. (I hope Narine reverses his fortunes against England today!)

Although in the final analysis, it is the on-field performance of a team which matters - and indeed West Indies have the overwhelming potential to blast their way to victory - I’m still keeping my fingers crossed! I’m not too confident about our bowling, plus we all know that how often our batting has come crashing down!  This time, I hope we get it scientifically and psychologically right.

Ideally, if Gayle and Charles can give us a perfect start and Pollard and Sammy can explode in the final overs, we are in for a very good chance!

I wish West Indies the best of luck and I pray that we win!

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