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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Hurricane Looms over the Heads of the Poor

We were utterly devastated by Tomas last October; and we still remain a nation in deep crisis, with our Human Development Indices (HDI) continuing to drop! We have numerous “geo-technical wounds and fractures” that may have now turned seriously malignant, hence putting us on course to becoming another Haiti.

The rich does not feel those pains. The Ministers of Government do not feel them either! In addition to their “fat pay packets" every month, government MPs get an extra million dollars a year. How sweet! They have now joined the ranks of millionaires overnight. According to Bingo they now have big houses at Vigie, Lobster for their dinner, steak for lunch and Red Bull and peanut punch for appetizer. But what about the poor that those millionaires represent? The poor who can’t afford to buy sugar, rice and flour? The poor whose only benefit is a Ti Canal contract which adds only insult to injury.

The story of the Balca farmers – who are still reeling from the effects of Tomas - is painful and heart-rending. There’s that farmer in particular who started a farming employment project but whose farm was completely wiped out by Tomas; Almost, a year later, government has never come to his assistance and he is left on his own to fend.

The same is true for scores of farmers all across the constituency especially in Saltibus, Morne Jacques. While a few Tucker Flies fatten the pockets with Tucker’s ill-gotten gains, the constituency at large continues to suffer.

The district reps is solely preoccupied with Ti canals and never saw it fit to give assistance to the poor farmers to help them rehabilitate their plots. He is busy wasting Taiwanese funds on campaign projects, not on the development of his constituency.

Meanwhile, a potentially massive storm looms over our heads and we are in living in dread of more devastation - whether it be by wind, rain and sea

The most we can do is to pray to God for help.

May God bless and protect us, especially the residents who live in disaster-prone areas!

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