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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Demonising Fergy to discredit Lorne

The attempts by the “Tucker Flies” to demonise Fergy are both pathetic and desperate. If they are at all serious about their claims, and as part of the run-up to the General Elections, I challenge “all and sundry” who claim that Fergy did nothing to a debate Fergy's achievements (vs Tucker's) in an open forum.

But I know beforehand that they will all "chicken out" because they know what the results will be. They know Fergy will tear them apart into pieces. So they will continue to hide like cowards and level baseless allegations against him.

Can you imagine Griffifth or Dedan Jn Baptiste – a former teacher, national cricketer and record-breaking pole-vaulter - of all persons, being used as a pawn in the game to throw dirt against Fergy in an attempt to discredit Lorne?  

 If Rufus loved Gilo, then why hasn’t he seen it fit to at least recommend him for a national honour for his achievements in Sports? Instead, Rufus seems quite happy with Gilo’s current state. 

But Lorne Theophilus will change that! In his first year in office and as part of making Choiseul great, he will honour all "great Choiseulians" and our brother Gilo will be high on the honours list. OK Pippin! No vote-catching barbeques or fake initiatives to bluff our sons and daughters of Choiseul! Right, Pippin?

 In an exclusive feature written by Tucker on his Blog, Tucker and his "Tucker Flies" blamed Fergy for “giving” the Choiseul fishermen a state-of-the-art, modern Fisheries Complex. How intellectually dishonest!

As if to suggest that Tucker has reached the dead-end of his campaign, he and his Tucker-Flies put the blame for the "clogging" of the pond squarely on Fergy’s shoulders.  They, however, remained mute on the fact that the Japanese Gov’t donated an excavator and a dump truck to assist in the de-silting the pond. Where is that excavator and truck?

A potential hurricane is looming large on the Atlantic Ocean and the fishermen urgently need a safe haven for their craft, which are now littered along the coastline and exposed to all sorts of coastal and other vagaries. What will Tucker do for them on Sunday and Monday?

But let’s go back to the issue of blaming Fergy for his "gift"  of a Fisheries Complex to the Choiseul Fishermen! What does that tell us? Very simply, it is telling us that Tucker and his Tucker flies are beginning to eat their own vomit and are now beginning to confess to “Forgetus” achievements.

Let’s continue further: if that trend of apportioning blame continues, very soon Tucker will say that the West Coast Highway “built by Fergy” was also a waste of time. They will soon also say that the Piaye Secondary School “built by Fergy” was a waste of time too; and the same thing will be said of the Balca Playing Field also “built by Fergy”. The spread of the internet and cable TV put all around Choiseul “by Fergy” will also be a waste of time. The medical doctors, engineers, teachers and nurses who “Fergy gave” scholarships will definitely too be an absolute waste of time according to the Gospel of Rufus!

That is the “Dirty Harry” politics of the Tucker-Flies” around Choiseul; and there’s a long list of the Dirty Harry craft practiced by them, including the ridiculing of universal secondary education (USE) and the stalling of Universal Health Care (UHC) at a time Choiseulians need them most. 

They demonised Rochamel which turned out to be very successful; and they are all against oil exploration and the possible building of an oil refinery in St. Lucia.

They make every good successful project look bad; yet the only thing they have to show are “Ti Canals”.

St. Lucians have to choose between a government who desire to invest in mega-development projects (like Grynberg) that will potential bring universal employment and progress and the Ti Canal paradigm of development.

Choiseul/Saltibus chose Fergy twice over Tucker because they had faith that Fergy would deliver and he did. They choose SLP over UWP twice because they knew the SLP would deliver and it did. Now we all have seen our mistakes. We see that the development of the country has come to a absolute halt. 

It's time for action!

1 comment:

  1. Call me Judas - Never RufusAugust 1, 2011 at 8:56 AM

    I would recommend that Rufus consider "Moron" as his new first name when he changes again through deed poll. I'm sure some of us would use the term as its used in Psychology (which would still be fitting) but I am referring to Moron as the King from the "Book of Ether", son of Ethem. As this King of wickedness was thrown out and held in captivity so shall Rufus be dealt with at the next General elections.

    Rufus is showing symptoms of desperation and his dirty money just won't do the trick. He may have to bring Tom "Chew" down here to help in the distribution. How can you really BUY OUT Choiseulians. We (excluding Reds, Jimmy & B.C)are priceless. Nous pas fait - we are not hungry! That is why we don't shame our selves to Chicken (probably nearing expiry) from hurricane Tomas relief supplies at Rufus' door steps.

    We have left that for the wolves in sheep clothing that pretend to pledge loyalty because of Jobs. Anyway, as long as he sees through them then they will be fired again.

    I mean isn't that insult to Choiseulians? An MP who holds office of the Minister of Foreign affairs and has responsibility for the NDC giving Chicken & rum (behind the scenes) at his office to get votes.

    Choiseul, remember when Compton fired Rufus an he was just an MP without portfolio , with alll this time on his hands he turned his back on us. Does he really care about Choiseul? NO. He desperately wants to win the next elections to continue accumulating wealth & power. Choiseul is just his scapegoat. Let us not be the "whipping boy" ever again. We made a mistake the last time and now we are the laughing stock of St. Lucia.

    Time for change!