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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bousquet's campaign seriously grounded

Bousquet’s campaign has just bumped into set of serious problems: firstly, he can’t find platform speakers for his campaign; so all the public meetings planned for this week have been postponed until further notice! Secondly, Bousquet continues to slide in the public opinion polls. The last poll indicated that he continues to lose ground in even his traditionally strong areas to the point where his 'advisors' have cautiously moved those areas into the “vulnerable” category. Thirdly, there is a pathological fear of the legal “whiz kid” (Lorne) who not only knows their dirty tactics; but who is also known for his reputation of not messing around. Bousquet and his team have demonstrated that they are living in mortal dread of him.

Meanwhile, sources close to the “Tucker Bluff Society” (TBS) indicate that Tucker is now trying to copy the mood, style and presentation of the “Lime with Lorne” model; but it is failing badly because it is nothing more but "lack-lustred" bluff. 

Why can’t they invent their own product and name it “Bluff with Bousquet” (BWB). Information reaching the PowerHouse indicate they held one such session at La Maz on Tuesday Night but the few persons who were in attendance said "it was a dismal failure".

They are continuing with their BWBs on Thursday at a location yet to be announced. Their campaign message is "Give Bousquet another term" to complete his Ti Canal transformation of Choiseul/Saltibus.

Meanwhile, Russell Lake’s Piaye Friday frolicking is at an end.  News reaching the Powerhouse reveals that Tucker ordered the PitBull to summarily destroy Skeeter’s Place by the Piaye beach – the hottest Friday Night Spot in the South where "Cokes and Engelbert" from Radio 100 have thrilled "hundreds" on a Friday night.

This development is shocking - especially in view of the government’s decision to give away our Queen’s Chain to foreign investors for 99 years. Don’t locals deserve similar treatment?

The question being asked now is: what has Piaye done to the UWP to deserve such cruel punishment? The beach-side event was a social - as well as an economic activity - providing relaxation and entertainment for hundreds of patrons all across the island and also employment for some people at Piaye.

Previously, the Pitbull and Tucker conspired to take away the Balembouche/Piaye development away from the Piaye residents (which during Kenny's reign was being sold to them at $1.50 a square foot). Today, the price per square foot is $6.00 much to the chagrin of the residents.

We hope he will be able to explain all of the above to us during public meetings and  “Bluffs with Bousquet” campaign.

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