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Sunday, July 3, 2011


 The Super 8 assassins are coming to Lorne’s hometown – Miss DEDETTE’s, town, JOJO’s town and Miss COX’s town – Choiseul Village. In their desperation, they say they are coming to assassinate Choiseul’s most beloved “Village prince”. Did you expect to hear anything different?
Information reaching us indicate that Tucker and the canine triumvirate – the pit bull, the poodle and the Mongrel – have all sharpened their big fangs to have one massive carnal bite of Lorne. But to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed and let me fore-warn them that Choiseul Village is Lorne’s territory – one of their three major casualties in the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency.

The entire length of JEM Salmon’s Street – from the Old Fisheries gas station down to the church - is populated by Lorne’s red blood; and not even an imported “Wooden Horse of Troy” will help. The villagers have made up their minds and are steadfast in their support for Lorne. I hope the assassins are sufficiently schooled in psychology to be aware of the impact of their barking noises in the yard. It will only energise Lorne's base!

We are told that in addition to their assassination agenda, they will also roll out a litany of lies and bluffs about their “ghost” projects – that is, their so-called “development projects” that the naked eye can’t see.

However, they will see, feel and experience the presence of the STAR projects. To get to the Village, they will see and feel the velvety STAR surface of the “cost-overrun” roads that Kenny built as they drive on it. If I were the “poodle”, I would dare not drive on that road. If they drive through Mongouge, Delcer or La Pointe, they will also feel the comfort of the STAR tertiary road projects.

When they get to Piaye and La Fargue, they will understand why Universal Secondary Education was so easy a STAR project to implement. A new secondary school in Piaye and the major upgrade and expansion of the Choiseul Secondary School are undeniable STAR projects.

But they dare not drive into Saltibus/Gertrine neither do they expect a substantial contingent from those communities to attend their meeting. They have treated our brothers and sisters there as "second-class citizens" by not implementing RDP 4 and 5 simply because it was Kenny’s brainchild; but Kenny will implement that STAR ROAD project within a year of getting into office.

The fishermen in Choiseul Village will have nothing to do with the "Super 8" because they have allowed the pond that Kenny built (with the help of the Japanese) to wreck; and our fishermen are now exposed to all sorts of vulnerabilities. Yet, their meeting will be protected by the massive sea wall which offers the village coastal protection. Thanks to Kenny.

While in Lorne’s Village, the “Super 8” will also benefit from the STAR “Communication Revolution” that Kenny ushered in. You will see them sporting their flashy Blackberry and Android phones, making free calls or calls as low as 22 cents a minute; or even streaming live on the internet with their mobile. (Mama! It must have been God who sent Kenny).

If you go to the Village, you will hear a lot of QUICK QUAK and RORO; for example, you will hear Bousquet'S favourite refrain that “Lorne is not connected to the people” because Lorne does not lie and bluff. But Lorne is well connected in blood, in vision, in culture, in the social and political milieu of our great village.

A lot of venom and anger will be spewed on the village; to clean and restore our "PLUS-BELLE-VILLAGE" image and personality, we may well have to do a little bit of cleansing the next day by our traditional "smoking with incense"  or even to go to the Sulphur Springs for bath as an antidote for that evil venom left with us. 

Choiseulians! Unite! Let's rally around our son of the soil . . . Lorne Theophilus! Victory is ours.


  1. The shameless Tucker on the go. Tell me something: doesn't this man have any shame, any pride? What example is he setting for the youth? is he the type of person we want our kids to do? Rufus, give us a break. Politics is not for you. Your character stinks! Take a bow and give the people a chance to clean our politics. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU MAN? GET OFF OUR BACKS! YOU ARE A CORRUPT CRIMINAL!

  2. cyberboss, have you seen the shitty article that Tucker wrote on his blog, These fellows have absolutely no regard or respect for education. They have discounted academic qualifications just to make Rufus and Guy look good. According to one Mr Faucher, Tucker is a numbskull and a convict. You can see the convict in him in the tricks that he practises. Look at Buju, he is going to pursue a masters degree. If Tucker is as bright as he claims, he could have at Tucker could have at least done a certificate, a diploma. but "OUR", de man head so hard, he graduated with nothing; only prison bluffs and tactics.

  3. I hope Richard understands that Choiseul has no place for him, like Tucker. There is no "Kali" and "Smokey Joe" in Choiseul. We are a proud people and we don't harbor corrupt anti-intellectuals or criminal elements. Choiseul village is not a ghetto, Casino, Jail Cell or Kennel and therefore we remain Anti-Pitbull, Anti-Poodle, Anti-Mongrel & definitely Anti-smith-tucker-bruce-rufus. After all who let the dogs out? Worse of all, them dogs being led by an ANTI - or my bad, him get a female wife.
    Then again if they want to come then let them make a fool of themselves. I can see it already - the Super 8 - a picture of incompetence.

  4. There are a number of issues any potential Choiseul voter should be made aware of before he/she decides to participate in these pre-election projects by Bousquet;

    - Firstly, Bousquet is breaking the finance act when he decides to funnel money directly from donor countries to his placemen in Choiseul.

    - The projects which Bousquet has earmarked for the constituency at this time (after 4 years in office) do little to help overall situation of unemployment in the community. These projects are simply PET projects design to put money in Bousquet's placemen hands.

    - Bousquet source of funds at the moment is limited; Libya is out of the question, Morocco is experiencing social issues. The Foreign Minister is well aware of this and knows that the projects initiated now cannot be completed; in much the same way they have now been able to attract investors and source funds for the Le Paradis hotel, these projects will simply go to waste. To make it worst a most damning report accusing this government of corruption, (and poor transparency and accountability) on the present administration has been published by the US State Department. Do we expect investors to come to St. Lucia when they read this report on our government?

    To be continued ...