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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fire Tucker and the PitBull immediately!

A popular question asked by many St. Lucians is: “Has Richard overthrown King as PM?” Speculation is rife that the self-acclaimed “Pit Bull” is St. Lucia’s de facto PM suggesting that King only holds the title but Richard rules. Recently, there has been overwhelming evidence to support that claim. But even more disturbing is a suggestion that Richard has absolutely no respect for King (not that Richard has respect for anyone or the law) - and he refers to King as a “marsh-mallow” prime minister; that is a PM who is sweet and soft.

There is even the suggestion that Richard may be involved in behind-the-scene moves to depose King in a manner similar to how the Super 8 deposed Sir John. But, in his naïve complacency, King may not even be aware of the imminent treachery that surrounds him.

Perhaps, the only reason King has remained as the sitting PM is related to the credibility factor. As low as he is, the reality is there’s simply nobody in the ranks of the Super 8 who has the credibility to assume the prime ministership, and King may well be aware of this reality. But interestingly and equally, King's hands remain securely handcuffed behind his back; and all he does is to play the role of a puppet, a "rubber stamp" for the Super 8.

Apparently, King has degraded the office of PM to the lowest level imaginable. Because he lacks the competence, confidence and authority to govern, he finds himself in a deep quagmire. Like the incompetent HOD who is clueless about his job responsibilities, King has completely lost his way and only auto-pilot keeps him going.  The band of advisors around him is equally helpless; they are a band of political stooges plus Kenny's enemies who are united in their mission to "assassinate" Kenny.

The most serious mistake the King ever made  - and he will live to regret it - is the re-hire Tucker into Cabinet at the expense of Ausbert d’Auvergne – one of the most skilled professionals in the region. That was a fatal error of judgment because Tucker has absolutely no competencies or qualifications in any area of expertise that would add value to King's cabinet!; his greatest achievement is his graduation from the Federal Bureau of prisons with honours in bluff and lying – a conviction for fraud, grand theft auto and as Rick Wayne suggested in a Star headliner and perhaps even murder.

King should do the nation a favour and fire the rogue elements of Tucker and the Pit Bull from his cabinet with immediate effect. They are an embarrassment to our country.

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