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Monday, July 4, 2011


Hardly two weeks have elapsed when we reported of a nearly deadly confrontation between Richard and peace-loving citizen at Donovan’s place (close to the Windjammer gap), Bois D’orange. The dust has hardly settled and another incident involving him and "bad boy" operative is being reported.

Below is the full text of a press release from the SLP relating to the second incident:


The Saint Lucia Labour Party, like most other citizens of Saint Lucia, was shocked at the boldness and recklessness with which Attorney General Rudolph “Doddy” Francis, the Government’s chief legal advisor, made his now infamous statement that: “There is no room for good boys in politics.”

The SLP is now even more disturbed by the latest incident which demonstrates the determination of members of the UWP government to stamp its “bad boys” image in the politics of Saint Lucia.

The Labour Party is aware that at approximately 5:30pm on Friday, 1 July 2011, traffic officers issued a ticket to Castries Central MP Richard Frederick whose vehicle licence number 9900 was illegally parked on the right side of Jeremie Street, facing west. In addition to the fact that the MP’s vehicle was parked in a “No Parking” area, both its right wheels were situated along the side walk.

While the officer was writing up the ticket he was approached by UWP operative Gregory “Smoking Joe” Joseph who attempted to grab the ticket book from the officer. Though he was warned about his behaviour, and within sight of Richard Frederick, Mr. Joseph continued with his attempts at preventing the officer from executing his lawful duties. The officer thereafter affixed the ticket to the vehicle’s windscreen at which point Mr. Joseph grabbed and tore it in the presence of the police all the while berating the officer for “giving his boss a ticket.” He then attempted to restrain Mr. Joseph who assaulted the officer. Finally, and with the assistance of a second officer, Mr. Joseph was arrested.

While Mr. Joseph was being processed at the police station, a Deputy Police Commissioner instructed a superintendent of police to ensure that Mr. Joseph was immediately released. The superintendent in turn telephoned the traffic department advising that he had been instructed to have the prisoner released without charge. Mr. Joseph who had defaced government property, resisted arrest, assaulted and injured an officer was released without charge on the instructions of the Deputy Police Commissioner. Meanwhile the injured officer had to be attended to at Victoria hospital.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the Commissioner of Police, Vernon Francois, to immediately clear the air on whether he condones the behaviour of his Deputy and what steps will be taken to have the deputy disciplined.

The Saint Lucia Labour party also calls on Internal Security Minister, Guy Mayers, to condemn the actions of Minister Frederick who has a history of breaching traffic laws while using his vehicles. Just recently, the Crusader published a photograph of the minister’s vehicle illegally parked outside of Burger King on Jeremie Street. On Sundays, the Minister’s vehicle is often illegally parked along the Cathedral’s sidewalk and last Friday even after the officer issued the ticket and his operative was arrested, Mr. Frederick kept his vehicle illegally parked for a further few hours. Are Richard Frederick and the UWP above the law? Should we expect the disappearance of the charges as is typical of cases connected to members of this government?

The Saint Lucia Labour party awaits the decision of the Commissioner of Police in this matter where an officer who was properly and lawfully executing his duties was injured in the line of that duty while his Deputy Commissioner of Police who should be assisting his officers in the maintenance of law and order, instead orders the release of the man who injured the officer.

End of quote

The question is: Is Richard being pursued by sir John's ghost?

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